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  • Big Data and the Future of Healthcare Delivery18:50
    Big Data and the Future of Healthcare Delivery
    John Brownstein
    Nov 6 2017

    John Brownstein addresses the opportunity and challenge of big data and how it will impact the future of healthcare delivery.

  • Voice Applications in Healthcare32:22
    Voice Applications in Healthcare
    John Brownstein, Leerom Segal
    Oct 17 2018

    Leerom Segal and Dr. John Brownstein share their thoughts on the macrotrends taking shape at the intersection of voice and health.

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  • Exponential Technology Panel35:19
    Exponential Technology Panel
    John Brownstein, Daniel Kraft, Sri Madabushi, Babak Parviz, Deborah Estrin, Eric Schadt
    Feb 27 2018

    Moderator Daniel Kraft guides an expert panel, including Babak Parviz, Deborah Estrin, Eric Schadt, John Brownstein, and Sri Madabushi through a conversation on the technologies disrupting healthcare, and what they predict the future of medical technology will bring.

  • Digital Disease Detection02:44
    Digital Disease Detection
    John Brownstein
    Jun 15 2015

    Dr. John Brownstein talks about using new data sources for public health surveillance and interventions.

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