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  • A Deaf ENT Surgeon on Hacking Hearing16:05
    A Deaf ENT Surgeon on Hacking Hearing
    Chad Ruffin

    Dr. Chad Ruffin speaks to his own experience on receiving a cochlear implant at 21 years of age, and how he started re-imagining hearing loss technology as a result.

  • Breakthrough Therapy: Can MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy Heal PTSD?12:10
    Breakthrough Therapy: Can MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy Heal PTSD?
    Brad Burge

    Brad Burge walks the audience through the current landscape of PTSD treatment, and how old technology - specifically therapeutic MDMA - is being revived to transform outcomes.

  • Electroceuticals: Delivering Electricity as Medicine11:06
    Electroceuticals: Delivering Electricity as Medicine
    Kate Rosenbluth

    Kate Rosenbluth plunges forward into the future of electroceuticals, and the tremendous promise that electricity holds as medicine.

  • "Tele-Empathy": A Digital Medicine Experiment17:16
    "Tele-Empathy": A Digital Medicine Experiment
    Alec Melkonian, Yan Fossat

    What happens when physicians become patients? How would this ability impact treatment and care? Watch Alec Melkonian and Yan Fossat introduce the SymPulse™ tele-empathy device, designed to increase clinical empathy.

  • Building SuperHumans18:39
    Building SuperHumans
    Kevin Stone

    Kevin Stone presents a journey through the bionic technologies that will assist in moving toward a SuperHuman model, or what he refers to as the Anabolic Era of orthopedics.

  • Spinal Cord Injury to Recovery: A Patient Advocate & Stem Cell Scientist Catalyzing a Cure29:00
    Spinal Cord Injury to Recovery: A Patient Advocate & Stem Cell Scientist Catalyzing a Cure
    Hans Keirstead, Roman Reed

    Roman Reed and Dr. Hans Keirstead walk through the challenges and victories along the road to recovery from spinal cord injury, and how those experiences can inform exponential change in treatment.

  • WHY Music - Unleashing the Power of Music to Transform Humanity14:29
    WHY Music - Unleashing the Power of Music to Transform Humanity
    Brothers Koren, Frank Fitzpatrick

    Frank Fitzpatrick introduces the Brothers Koren while highlighting the role that music can play in transforming the human experience in health.

  • Interventional Oncology15:21
    Interventional Oncology
    Stephen Hunt

    Dr. Stephen Hunt, Interventional Radiologist at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses the importance for innovation in cancer treatment. Cancer is now one of the leading causes of death among Americans, and treatment in many ways has not changed with the times.

  • Needle Pain Alleviation and Buzzy12:13
    Needle Pain Alleviation and Buzzy
    Amy Baxter

    Dr. Amy Baxter brings awareness to needle phobia and procedural pain management.

  • From 'Omics To Action18:02
    From 'Omics To Action
    Larry Smarr

    The study of the microbiome has become an increasingly important topic in modern medicine. Learn from Larry Smarr on what the microbiome is, what it means for modern medicine, and some of the ways it is going to change the future of treatment.

  • The Death Of Surgery as We Know It19:08
    The Death Of Surgery as We Know It
    Amir Szold

    Dr. Amir Szold discusses the traditional definition of surgery, and how new interventional technologies will change surgical procedures as we know them today.

  • The Power of Miniaturization in Medicine28:27
    The Power of Miniaturization in Medicine
    Sangeeta Bhatia

    Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia talks about the power of miniaturization in medicine, and introduces some of the nanotechnologies that can have a big impact on patient treatment.

  • Data and Machine Learning25:26
    Data and Machine Learning
    Anthony Chang

    Data science and machine learning are two of the most commonly used phrases in the tech world today. What do they really mean, and why are they important? Dr. Anthony Chang explains the importance of these two game-changing fields, and the potential to transform patient treatment and interaction in the future.

  • Patient Power18:56
    Patient Power
    Zachary Barrette, Kahn Fuehrer, Davis Miserandino

    Some of the most vexing challenges in healthcare involve connecting genuinely with the patient. Watch Matthew Zachary, Jack Barrette, Christine Miserandino, David Fuehrer, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, and Adrianne Haslet-Davis share their personal patient journey.

  • Transforming Sick Care Into Health Care22:08
    Transforming Sick Care Into Health Care
    Daniel Kraft

    Dr. Daniel Kraft talks about taking control of treatment, and how he started Exponential Medicine at Singularity University in order to reimagine solutions to global health challenges.

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