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  • <em>Patient</em> cures can change the world02:31
    Patient cures can change the world
    Roman Reed

    Roman Reed talks with us about some of the key learnings and insights that were explored at Exponential Medicine 2017.

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  • <em>Patient</em> Power18:56
    Patient Power
    Zachary Barrette, Kahn Fuehrer, Davis Miserandino

    Some of the most vexing challenges in healthcare involve connecting genuinely with the patient. Watch Matthew Zachary, Jack Barrette, Christine Miserandino, David Fuehrer, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, and Adrianne Haslet-Davis share their personal patient journey.

  • Using <em>Patient</em> Data Effectively02:28
    Using Patient Data Effectively
    Simon Kos, Jaclyn Wainwright

    Dr. Simon Kos and Jaclyn Wainwright talk with us about the key learnings and other insights that were explored at HLTH 2018.

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  • Making <em>Patient</em> Reports More Experiential01:52
    Making Patient Reports More Experiential
    Atilla Cansun

    Instead of loading healthcare professionals with charts, graphs, and numbers, Atilla Cansun wonders how we can make the data more experiential. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are those of the interviewee, they do not reflect the views of any entity with which the interviewee has been, is now, or will be affiliated.

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  • Authentic <em>Patient</em> Stories Driving Effective Marketing01:26
    Authentic Patient Stories Driving Effective Marketing
    Jack Barrette

    Jack Barette shares a case study of the kinds of incredible engagement you can foster with the patient community when patients are motivated to tell their stories to motivate a specific action.

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  • How <em>Patient</em> Data Can Revolutionize Diagnostics00:58
    How Patient Data Can Revolutionize Diagnostics
    Steven Gutentag

    Steven Gutentag speaks to the potential of data to completely transform the way we diagnose patients, using learns from past symptom presentations and diagnoses.

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  • Improving <em>Patient</em>s' Lives Through Access and Support02:21
    Improving Patients' Lives Through Access and Support
    Ron Cohen

    Dr. Ron Cohen speaks to Acorda's mission to create value by improving patients' lives, both with greater access to treatment and by providing support outside of the traditional realms.

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  • Fostering <em>Patient</em> Engagement Through Innovation05:00
    Fostering Patient Engagement Through Innovation
    Michael Docktor, Yan Fossat

    Dr. Michael Docktor and Yan Fossat unveil HealthVoyager, an innovative tool that allows patients to visualize and explore their health in a way never before possible.

  • Connecting <em>Patient</em>s and Physicians with Compassion00:47
    Connecting Patients and Physicians with Compassion
    Joan Durnell Powell

    Joan Durnell Powell relates the value of compassion and hope in medical care, viewing pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and researchers as stakeholders with the patient.

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  • Creating Better <em>Patient</em> Engagement01:31
    Creating Better Patient Engagement
    Anne Weiler

    Anne Weiler provides advice for brand managers looking to implement voice tech in their strategy.

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  • Levelling Up <em>Patient</em> Experience in the Next Five Years01:06
    Levelling Up Patient Experience in the Next Five Years
    Jack Barrette

    Jack Barette looks into the future of patient involvement at pharmaceutical companies, and speaks to how the role of patients will be elevated in the next several years.

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  • Hospitality in <em>Patient</em> Experience01:05
    Hospitality in Patient Experience
    Simon Kos, Jaclyn Wainwright

    Dr. Simon Kos and Jaclyn Wainwright talk with us about the key learnings and other insights that were explored at HLTH 2018.

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  • Leading the <em>Patient</em> Experience with Empathy05:07
    Leading the Patient Experience with Empathy
    Simon Kos, Jaclyn Wainwright

    Dr. Simon Kos and Jaclyn Wainwright talk with us about the key learnings and other insights that were explored at HLTH 2018.

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  • Partnering with <em>Patient</em>s to Creating Impactful Content01:28
    Partnering with Patients to Creating Impactful Content
    Grace Cordovano

    Grace Cordovano expresses that value of creating the right content by partnering with patients from ideation all the way to launch.

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  • Finding Strong <em>Patient</em> Advocates in Caregivers01:08
    Finding Strong Patient Advocates in Caregivers
    Jack Barrette

    Jack Barette discusses how the caregiver population can be activated through social media to become a strong patient leader group.

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  • Redesigning Care, Empowered <em>Patient</em> to Clinician21:30
    Redesigning Care, Empowered Patient to Clinician
    Tony Young

    Dr. Tony Young lays out the history of healthcare and the NHS to illustrate the rapidly changing relationship that patients have with the field of medicine. Digital patient kits can create empowering personal medicine compared to traditional methods.

  • Driving and Empowering <em>Patient</em> Behavior00:49
    Driving and Empowering Patient Behavior
    Becky Chidester

    Becky Chidester talks with us about the key learnings and insights that were explored at HLTH 2018.

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  • The Evolution of <em>Patient</em> Centricity00:57
    The Evolution of Patient Centricity
    Jack Barrette

    Jack Barrette speaks to the shift to greater patient collaborative, and the genuine meaning and value that comes from patient voices having a seat at the table.

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  • Virtual Reality for <em>Patient</em> Care: The Cutting Edge & Lessons Learned21:37
    Virtual Reality for Patient Care: The Cutting Edge & Lessons Learned
    Brennan Spiegel

    Watch Brennan Spiegel talk about the key learnings of using virtual reality to allow patients to escape their hospital room, and the effect on their well-being.

  • How Telemedicine Can Safeguard <em>Patient</em> Wellbeing01:35
    How Telemedicine Can Safeguard Patient Wellbeing
    Steven Gutentag

    Steven Gutentag highlights the filters in place during telemedicine interactions, and how they put patient safety first.

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