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  • Exponential Technology Panel35:19
    Exponential Technology Panel
    John Brownstein, Daniel Kraft, Sri Madabushi, Babak Parviz, Deborah Estrin, Eric Schadt

    Moderator Daniel Kraft guides an expert panel, including Babak Parviz, Deborah Estrin, Eric Schadt, John Brownstein, and Sri Madabushi through a conversation on the technologies disrupting healthcare, and what they predict the future of medical technology will bring.

  • Gene Therapy Panel21:24
    Gene Therapy Panel
    Sandy Macrae, John Maraganore, George Yancopoulos, Jeffrey Marrazzo, Leerom Segal

    Panelists Jeffrey Marrazzo, George Yancopoulos, and Sandy Macrae are joined by moderator John Maraganore to explore the future of gene therapy. Discussions include gene editing, RNA therapy, and using gene therapy to shift medicine from intervention to cure. Introduction by Klick CEO Leerom Segal.

  • Immunotherapy Panel14:29
    Immunotherapy Panel
    Alise Reicin, Eric Rubin, Saurabh Saha, Luis Diaz

    Panelists Alise Reicin, Eric Rubin, and Saurabh Saha discuss the profound potential of immunotherapy in oncology and beyond. Moderator Luis Diaz drives an inquisitive conversation on research breakthroughs and bringing research to patient care.

  • Global Health Innovation: From Big Data to Small Device31:12
    Global Health Innovation: From Big Data to Small Device
    Marc Koska, Ralph Simon, Nico Preston

    Panelists Ralph Simon, Marc Koska, and Dr. Nico Preston discuss global health technologies and take several questions from the audience at xMed.

  • Are Sales Reps an Endangered Species?11:25
    Are Sales Reps an Endangered Species?
    Ken Keller

    Watch Ken Keller, Tom Pike and Matt Wallach talk cold, hard truths of what it means to be a sales reps in pharma.

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  • Exponentials in Health11:40
    Exponentials in Health
    Halle Tecco, Asaf Evenhaim, Greg Schwartz, Jay Goldman

    Jay Goldman sits down with Halle Tecco, Asaf Evenhaim, and Greg Szwartz to explore how companies navigate periods of hypergrowth without compromising their mission.

  • Healthcare Meets Genomics18:07
    Healthcare Meets Genomics
    Katrine Bosley, David Ledbetter, George Yancopoulos, Ron Cohen

    Dr. Ron Cohen sits down with Dr. George Yancopoulos, Dr. David Ledbetter, and Dr. Katrine Bosley to explore real life scenarios of genome mining and editing, including ethical issues they may face.

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  • Healthcare on the Horizon18:47
    Healthcare on the Horizon
    Daniel Kraft, Bob Hariri, Martine Rothblatt, RJ Kirk

    Dr. Daniel Kraft joins forces with pharma tycoons - Dr. Martine Rothblatt, R.J. Kirk, and Dr. Bob Hariri, to talk current projects, and what they can bring to the future of medicine.

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  • Patient Power18:56
    Patient Power
    Zachary Barrette, Kahn Fuehrer, Davis Miserandino

    Some of the most vexing challenges in healthcare involve connecting genuinely with the patient. Watch Matthew Zachary, Jack Barrette, Christine Miserandino, David Fuehrer, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, and Adrianne Haslet-Davis share their personal patient journey.

  • Paying for Innovation21:53
    Paying for Innovation
    Michael Sherman, Roger Longman, Peter Bach, Steve Miller

    Roger Longman explores health policy and innovation with Dr. Michael Sherman, Dr. Steve Miller, and Dr. Peter Bach.

  • Q and A with the FDA20:16
    Q and A with the FDA
    Janet Woodcock

    Dr. Janet Woodcock sits down with Jim Greenwood to share her thoughts on the 21st Century Cures initiative, how to improve clinical trials, and how to incorporate the patient's' perspective into drug development and healthcare.

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