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  • <em>Future</em> Forward - Innovation & Impact At Scale24:29
    Future Forward - Innovation & Impact At Scale
    Rasu Shrestha
    Nov 9 2017

    Dr. Rasu Shrestha focuses his closing keynote of Exponential Medicine 2017 on innovation and the impact expontential technology will have on our existing systems.

  • <em>Future</em> Changes in Pharma Marketing00:53
    Future Changes in Pharma Marketing
    John McCarthy
    Jun 18 2017

    John McCarthy talks with us about the key learnings and insights that were explored at the 2017 Cannes Lions.

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  • <em>Future</em> of Clinical Medicine - The Intersection of Empathy, Humanity & Technology19:02
    Future of Clinical Medicine - The Intersection of Empathy, Humanity & Technology
    Dr. Jordan Shlain
    Nov 8 2017

    Dr. Jordan Shlain takes the xMed stage to speak to the power of empathic listening in medical practice and how relationship building in tandem with technological advancement is the key to exponentially pushing medicine forward.

  • <em>Future</em> of Intervention26:07
    Future of Intervention
    Catherine Mohr
    Oct 9 2016

    Dr. Catherine Mohr details the different types of non-invasive and intuitive surgical procedures.

  • <em>Future</em> Forecasting Symptom Onset01:16
    Future Forecasting Symptom Onset
    Matteo Lai
    Nov 6 2018

    Matteo Lai discusses the future of sensor technology applications for mood disorders and autism.

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  • <em>Future</em> Crimes32:00
    Future Crimes
    Marc Goodman
    Oct 10 2016

    Marc Goodman talks about hacking in the medical world, and how to protect yourself from exposing medical data to criminals.

  • <em>Future</em> of Neuroscience18:19
    Future of Neuroscience
    Divya Chander
    Oct 10 2016

    Dr. Divya Chander explains how exponential technology will change the world of neuroscience.

  • The <em>Future</em> of Clinical Practice19:23
    The Future of Clinical Practice
    Leslie Saxon
    Nov 8 2017

    Dr. Leslie Saxon shares her vision of a world of digital personalized health care that lowers costs and provides better outcomes.

  • The <em>Future</em> of Digital Healthcare02:21
    The Future of Digital Healthcare
    Simon Kos, Jaclyn Wainwright
    May 7 2018

    Dr. Simon Kos and Jaclyn Wainwright talk with us about the key learnings and other insights that were explored at HLTH 2018.

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  • The <em>Future</em> Of Clinical Care16:12
    The Future Of Clinical Care
    Gautam Gulati, Shafi Ahmed
    Nov 6 2019

    Dr. Shafi Ahmed sits down with Dr. Gautam Gulati at 2019 xMed Insight Studio to share the latest updates on digital medicine, including AR, VR and 5G technologies.

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  • The <em>Future</em> of Psychiatry and Mental Health15:27
    The Future of Psychiatry and Mental Health
    Arshya Vahabzadeh
    Oct 10 2016

    Watch Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh talk on emerging research addressing the global mental health crisis.

  • The <em>Future</em> of Work02:16
    The Future of Work
    John Sculley
    Nov 9 2016

    John Sculley talks with us about the key learnings and insights that were explored at Summit At Sea 2016.

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  • The <em>Future</em> of Brain Tech15:06
    The Future of Brain Tech
    Jordan Amadio
    Nov 8 2017

    Dr. Jordan Amadio addresses what many beleive to be the cusp of a golden age in brain technology, speaking to the expanding array of sources of funding, from both public and private sources, that have been pouring into the brain game, and how this influx will exponentially change the field of neuroscience.

  • The <em>Future</em> of AR/VR in Healthcare14:15
    The Future of AR/VR in Healthcare
    Dr. Rafael Grossmann
    Nov 8 2017

    Dr. Rafael Grossmann makes the argument that it's not AR/VR technology, but how we use that technology as versatile human beings that matters.

  • The <em>Future</em> of Work: How to Kill a Bureaucracy18:22
    The Future of Work: How to Kill a Bureaucracy
    Gary Hamel
    Jun 15 2015

    Gary Hamel details how bureausclerosis can cause systemic challenges in almost any organization.

  • The <em>Future</em> of Digital Health: Less Digital, More Health20:45
    The Future of Digital Health: Less Digital, More Health
    Stanley Shaw
    Oct 9 2016

    Digital Health is a trend that can't be ignored. Massive innovation in technology has allowed us to make hereunto unimaginable advances in patient care, however it comes at a cost. Dr. Stanley Shaw shares his learnings on the importance of keeping time focused on the patient rather than the screen.

  • Promising <em>Future</em> of Brain Research00:55
    Promising Future of Brain Research
    Ariel Garten, Graeme Moffat
    Nov 6 2018

    Graeme Moffat talks about his optimism for the growing opportunity for impactful brain research as low cost, high quality electronics continue to be accessible to the mainstream.

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  • The <em>Future</em> of Care: Life Lessons for the End & Beginning of Life17:52
    The Future of Care: Life Lessons for the End & Beginning of Life
    Alan Greene
    Nov 9 2017

    Dr. Alan Greene reflects on the profound moments at the beginning and end of our life cycle, using his own father's passing as the foundational argument for why rigid systems must stop and ask the question, "why".

  • The <em>Future</em> of Healthcare for Doctors01:15
    The Future of Healthcare for Doctors
    Larry Smarr
    Oct 9 2016

    Larry Smarr talks with us about some of the key learnings and insights that were explored at Exponential Medicine 2016.

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  • Visualizing the <em>Future</em> of Medical Education, from VR to the OR17:45
    Visualizing the Future of Medical Education, from VR to the OR
    Shafi Ahmed
    Oct 11 2016

    Shafi Ahmed describes how training for surgeons is changing to accelerate and improve the way medical residents learn their craft.

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