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  • Exponential Technology Panel35:19
    Exponential Technology Panel
    John Brownstein, Daniel Kraft, Sri Madabushi, Babak Parviz, Deborah Estrin, Eric Schadt

    Moderator Daniel Kraft guides an expert panel, including Babak Parviz, Deborah Estrin, Eric Schadt, John Brownstein, and Sri Madabushi through a conversation on the technologies disrupting healthcare, and what they predict the future of medical technology will bring.

  • Global Health Innovation: From Big Data to Small Device31:12
    Global Health Innovation: From Big Data to Small Device
    Marc Koska, Ralph Simon, Nico Preston

    Panelists Ralph Simon, Marc Koska, and Dr. Nico Preston discuss global health technologies and take several questions from the audience at xMed.

  • Electroceuticals: Delivering Electricity as Medicine11:06
    Electroceuticals: Delivering Electricity as Medicine
    Kate Rosenbluth

    Kate Rosenbluth plunges forward into the future of electroceuticals, and the tremendous promise that electricity holds as medicine.

  • "Tele-Empathy": A Digital Medicine Experiment17:16
    "Tele-Empathy": A Digital Medicine Experiment
    Alec Melkonian, Yan Fossat

    What happens when physicians become patients? How would this ability impact treatment and care? Watch Alec Melkonian and Yan Fossat introduce the SymPulse™ tele-empathy device, designed to increase clinical empathy.

  • Transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry with Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence24:39
    Transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry with Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence
    Alex Zhavoronkov

    Watch Alex Zhavoronkov explore the next generation of artificial intelligence, and how it can help the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Big Data and the Future of Healthcare Delivery18:50
    Big Data and the Future of Healthcare Delivery
    John Brownstein

    John Brownstein addresses the opportunity and challenge of big data and how it will impact the future of healthcare delivery.

  • What's the Magic Word?16:12
    What's the Magic Word?
    Thomas Goetz

    Thomas Goetz is on a mission to create tools that will harness the true patient experience. With the aim of engaging people in their own healthcare, Goetz discusses redesigning care with real-world experiences in mind.

  • Visualizing the Future of Medical Education15:26
    Visualizing the Future of Medical Education
    Stefano Bini

    Dr. Stefano Bini talks about the disruptive technologies expected in the future of medical education, and their potential impact on digital healthcare.

  • Exploration: Catalyst for Extreme Innovation21:39
    Exploration: Catalyst for Extreme Innovation
    Scott Parazynski

    Scott Parazynski, former NASA astronaut, has explored every inch of the Earth, and even the space around it. Learn how his love of exploration and curiosity has helped fuel innovation across numerous industries.

  • Survival of the Fastest in a Digital Age20:43
    Survival of the Fastest in a Digital Age
    Leerom Segal

    Most biotech companies spend up to 15 years and over a billion dollars researching, developing, and commercializing a new drug. Even after getting FDA approval, the clock is ticking on patent exclusivity. Every minute counts getting to market. Leerom Segal presents how digital makes it possible to develop and commercialize with speed, precision, and confidence.

  • The Future of Psychiatry and Mental Health15:27
    The Future of Psychiatry and Mental Health
    Arshya Vahabzadeh

    Watch Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh talk on emerging research addressing the global mental health crisis.

  • Disrupting Clinical Practice10:35
    Disrupting Clinical Practice
    Todd Huffman

    Clinical pathologists are constantly seeking the truth through microscopic structures. Todd Huffman is one of the leading minds rethinking the classic tools of extraction, and moving toward a model that optimizes the process through robotic sensors and computation.

  • Data and Machine Learning25:26
    Data and Machine Learning
    Anthony Chang

    Data science and machine learning are two of the most commonly used phrases in the tech world today. What do they really mean, and why are they important? Dr. Anthony Chang explains the importance of these two game-changing fields, and the potential to transform patient treatment and interaction in the future.

  • From Big Data to Actionable Information57:50
    From Big Data to Actionable Information
    Leroy Hood

    Dr. Leroy Hood of the Institute for Systems Biology explores how big data is accelerating our ability to move towards predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory (P4) healthcare. Learn how leaps in technology are allowing us to be both actionable and proactive in ways never before possible.

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