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  • Smartphones Democratizing Medicine21:03
    Smartphones Democratizing Medicine
    Eric Topol
    Jun 15 2015

    Dr. Eric Topol talks about telemedicine and healthcare on demand, and apps that will summon physicians to your home.

  • Fountain of Youth06:24
    Fountain of Youth
    Bob Hariri
    Jun 15 2015

    Dr. Bob Hariri shares his expertise on stem cells, the perfect repair kit.

  • Disrupter-in-Chief40:59
    President Bill Clinton
    Jun 15 2015

    President Bill Clinton talks about the challenges and opportunities provided by exponential growth. President Clinton also includes insights and key learnings from initiatives launched by The Clinton Foundation.

  • Dr. Francis Collins on the 21st Century Cures Act02:41
    Dr. Francis Collins on the 21st Century Cures Act
    Francis Collins
    Jun 15 2015

    Dr. Francis Collins shares his thoughts on the 21st Century Cures Act and a includes a personal message to the people behind it.

  • What Would Darwin Write Today?14:53
    What Would Darwin Write Today?
    Juan Enriquez
    Jun 15 2015

    Juan Enriquez explores how humans have turned evolution upside down, the symptoms of this phenomenon, and their consequences.

  • Orchestrating Healthcare in the 21st Century04:18
    Orchestrating Healthcare in the 21st Century
    Leerom Segal
    Jun 15 2015

    Leerom Segal speaks to exponential advances in technology and medicine.

  • Paying for Innovation21:53
    Paying for Innovation
    Michael Sherman, Roger Longman, Peter Bach, Steve Miller
    Jun 15 2015

    Roger Longman explores health policy and innovation with Dr. Michael Sherman, Dr. Steve Miller, and Dr. Peter Bach.

  • The Scariest Words in Healthcare16:43
    The Scariest Words in Healthcare
    Ezekiel Emanuel
    Jun 15 2015

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on the burden and opportunity cost of specialty drugs on the average American family.

  • Healthcare on the Horizon18:47
    Healthcare on the Horizon
    Daniel Kraft, Bob Hariri, Martine Rothblatt, RJ Kirk
    Jun 15 2015

    Dr. Daniel Kraft joins forces with pharma tycoons - Dr. Martine Rothblatt, R.J. Kirk, and Dr. Bob Hariri, to talk current projects, and what they can bring to the future of medicine.

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  • Exponentials in Health11:40
    Exponentials in Health
    Halle Tecco, Asaf Evenhaim, Greg Schwartz, Jay Goldman
    Jun 15 2015

    Jay Goldman sits down with Halle Tecco, Asaf Evenhaim, and Greg Szwartz to explore how companies navigate periods of hypergrowth without compromising their mission.

  • Are Sales Reps an Endangered Species?11:25
    Are Sales Reps an Endangered Species?
    Ken Keller
    Jun 15 2015

    Watch Ken Keller, Tom Pike and Matt Wallach talk cold, hard truths of what it means to be a sales reps in pharma.

  • Healthcare Meets Genomics18:07
    Healthcare Meets Genomics
    Katrine Bosley, David Ledbetter, George Yancopoulos, Ron Cohen
    Jun 15 2015

    Dr. Ron Cohen sits down with Dr. George Yancopoulos, Dr. David Ledbetter, and Dr. Katrine Bosley to explore real life scenarios of genome mining and editing, including ethical issues they may face.

  • Klick Ideas Exchange 2015 Recap01:30
    Klick Ideas Exchange 2015 Recap
    Klick Health
    Jun 15 2015

    Highlights from the 2015 Klick Ideas Exchange event.

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  • Top Tips for Leaders in the 21st Century23:40
    Top Tips for Leaders in the 21st Century
    Tom Peters
    Jun 15 2015

    Tom Peters delves into leadership in healthcare companies and the vital skills top leaders should hone in order to succeed.

  • Patient Power18:56
    Patient Power
    Zachary Barrette, Kahn Fuehrer, Davis Miserandino
    Jun 15 2015

    Some of the most vexing challenges in healthcare involve connecting genuinely with the patient. Watch Matthew Zachary, Jack Barrette, Christine Miserandino, David Fuehrer, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, and Adrianne Haslet-Davis share their personal patient journey.

  • Transforming Sick Care Into Health Care22:08
    Transforming Sick Care Into Health Care
    Daniel Kraft
    Jun 15 2015

    Dr. Daniel Kraft talks about taking control of treatment, and how he started Exponential Medicine at Singularity University in order to reimagine solutions to global health challenges.

  • Digital Disease Detection02:44
    Digital Disease Detection
    John Brownstein
    Jun 15 2015

    Dr. John Brownstein talks about using new data sources for public health surveillance and interventions.

  • Chairman Fred Upton on the 21st Century Cures Act02:08
    Chairman Fred Upton on the 21st Century Cures Act
    Fred Upton
    Jun 15 2015

    US Congressman and Former Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, Fred Upton, speaks to the importance of the 21st Century Cures Act.

  • Personalized Prosthetics11:22
    Personalized Prosthetics
    Eythor Bender
    Jun 15 2015

    Eythor Bender speaks to bionic and orthopedic technology, and his innovations.

  • Do You Think Big Enough?07:10
    Do You Think Big Enough?
    Ryan Olohan
    Jun 15 2015

    Ryan Olohan wants you to ask yourself: are you aiming high enough? Are you thinking big enough?

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